What happens at a will meeting?

Steve visits you in the comfort of your own home to prepare the ‘bones’ of the will.

The information that you will need to collate and decide upon before the meeting is as follows:

1.       Make a list of all of your assets, (everything that you own).


2.       Who do you want to receive the proceeds of your estate after your death –

    make a list and proportions, for each beneficiary- this could include special

    sentimental items such as items of jewellery or CD collections etc, which can be

    individually written in. 


3.   If you have young children, you need to decide who is going to look after them should

    you die before they reach the age of 18 (Do not forget to  ask the guardians if they will

    take on that responsibility, prior to making the will).


4.       Decide who you would like to be the executors of your estate to handle the probate. This can be family members, personal friends, a solicitor, a bank or Wessex Will Writers. If the family member or friend is not experienced, it may be useful to appoint a family member and a professional who will undertake the technical side of dealing with your estate after you die.


5.       Decide who is going to witness your will. They must not be beneficiaries or executors. Remember, they are only witnessing your signature and do not have to see the contents of your will.


6.       A husband and wife can make mirror wills, leaving everything to each other. If the value of the joint estate is over £650,000 (6th April 2009), then it would make good sense to do some inheritance tax planning to reduce the liability below this amount. Remember each partner has their own £325,000 that they can use. If the total value is left to the other partner this may increase

After the meeting, the draft will is prepared and then discussed with you. If you are happy with the content and it meets your stated wishes, the final will is prepared and it is at that time that you sign the will in the presence of your witnesses.

The safekeeping of the will is important. Wessex Will Writers offer a secure storage facility , for which you can pay either an annual fee or one off lifetime fee for the duration of the will.


      the amount of tax to pay.


7.        If you would like a full inheritance tax report prepared to see what would happen, we are happy to do this (see tariff)